The Umrah Guide – Book

The Umrah Guide is written as a detailed step by step guide to perform Umrah. In the first section there is an introduction on why the different rituals are performed. Why do we perform Tawaf and why do you perform Saee. For many first time goers and also experienced ones there a recurring question on what to read between the rounds of Tawaf and Saee. While there are a lot of books written about Umrah and how to perform it, there has still been a great lack of examples of Duas you can read when you perform Umrah. The goal of this book is to give a detail description on how to perform the Umrah, and for each part of the journey provide examples of Duas you can read. For example what should you read after putting on Ehram or doing Ghusl, examples of Duas for each round of the Tawaf and Saee. So if you are going for Umrah for the first time, or have perform it before, this book will definitely give a rich and extensive guide on Duas you can read.

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