The Umrah Guide – App

Today most people own a smartphone, there it would be the next step to help visitors to the house Allah to have a app that can help them in this holy journey. We have created an app for both iOS and Android that will help pilgrims in performing their Umrah. This includes a step by step guide with duas and information on how to perform their Umrah. Duas are with Arabic audio as well as translations in : English, German , Spanish, French, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Malay, Norwegian, Russian and Turkish. Even tho this are google translated text much work is now done in getting verified translations.

It’s a blessing to be in the most spiritual place on earth, so this is when you want to make lots and lots of dua! Many people advise to write down your duas so you don’t forget them when you’re there

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. In addition to this, you should also take advantage of the opportunity to maximise reciting the beautiful duas in the Quran. There for we have created a extend Dua Guide just to complete these in additional to two major duas for completion of Tawaf and completion of Umrah. All with audio in arabic

There is being put a lot of work in enhancing features, and more are to come

Umrah App

The app can be downloaded in App Store or Google Play

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